Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 27

June 27
When I woke up this morning it was 7:30, and I decided that I would take another 30 minutes to stay in bed. When I got up my brother was down there. My other brother and his friend who slept over were still in bed though. When my dad and mom came down, we had eggs for breakfast. I had toast and ketchup with my eggs. At 11:00 my dad had to leave for Philadelphia. After that, my friend Luca invited my brother and me over for lunch. We had a little bit of time before lunch, so we played in that time. We had pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, then Summer, her friend Brook, Kyle, and his friend Brendon came over. We did stuff upstairs, then we just chatted. Then all of the boys went out to play IN THE RAIN. All of the girls stayed inside. When the boys came back, they were soaked. They went upstairs to dry while their clothes dried. Me, Brook, Summer, and Micol played Monopoly. Then my parents came and the kids had cadbunada for dinner. After that, everyone went out to play while it was raining. Me and Brook stayed inside. When we went out, everyone was playing at the park. we joined in, but when we came back we were wet. Everyone had a jacket on, so their top was dry, but they were still wet. Me and my brother each dried off, had a cookie and then went home. After me and my brothers finished showering, I started working on this blog post. And now I'm finishing it.

Sorry I didn't do June 25 and June 24. I didn't have a chance to do them.

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