Monday, June 22, 2015

My Summer Journal!!! Online!!!! June 22

Hey guys me and my dad just got this GREAT idea!! I'm going to start an online summer journal!!!! So I'm going to try to make a post daily about my day! STARTING TODAY!!! I got this idea today, so I'm not going to do everything before today because that would take too long so today is my first day doing this. (I know I say today too much.)

June 22 2015
Today I went to the local pool. I called my friend to see if she could come too. Turns out she had already been planning on going also! When we got there I saw that some of my other friends were there too. I knew that I would have an awesome time. Anna, the girl I called, was there as promised, as well as my friend Aylilah. It didn't take me long to get in the pool - it was just the right temperature! Soon after I got in, some of my neighbors came to play!! They jumped right in. We played Marco Polo for a while, then we just swam and splashed around. But then - oh no!! It was adult swim!! Those 15 minutes just kept dragging on, and on, until finally - TWEEEET!!! "YAY!!" It seemed like a million kids jumped in the pool at the same time! We all got back in then did some "exercises". It was really just jumping in, doing flips and stuff like that. After a long while, adult swim YET AGAIN! I went up to the snack bar and got an ice cream sandwich in the meantime. After a long, long, yet SUPER fun time at the pool, it was time to go. It was almost 5 o'clock by the time I got home! I took a shower, then at about 7:30 we had dinner. And now, I'm writing my post. It is like 9:30 now. Goodnight!