Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23

June 23
Today I was planning on going to the pool, but when I saw the weather report, that was out of the question. We were supposed to get thunderstorms, rain, and heavy wind! So I called my friend Claire, and we had a play date. While Claire was over, my uncles came over with their dog Athena, (a German Shepherd), and Iggy, (a Toy Poodle). Me and Claire played this awesome game Animal Jam, (post coming soon!), and then we played Webkinz. After that, we played with Iggy. Then the storms came. There was a lot of thunder, but it wasn't too loud. Then it rained for a little while. It stopped raining while me and Claire were having dinner, and there was a tiny bit of thunder. Then Claire's mom came and it was time for her to go. I finished up my dinner, but I didn't need to shower because I was in my PJ's the whole day! So I just hung out for a while, then went to work on this post. Now it is like 8:30. Goodnight!

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