Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 30

Today was my second day in camp at The Center For Contemporary Art. In our first class, we started making peacocks. Next we will color them in with watercolor paints. In ceramics (our second class), we made mugs out of clay. And in our last class, we finished working on prints. When it was time to leave, me, my mom, and my brothers went to Kings to have lunch and pick up a few things. I had sushi for lunch, along with my brother, and my other brother had soup. When we got home I read for a little while, I finished my book, and started a new one. Then I went on the computer and did a little online shopping on Justice because I had a gift card. Then when dinner was done, (my oldest brother Jeremy made dinner as a special treat), I went up to shower. Then me, my mom, and my brother watched two things on TV. When they were done, it was late. I brushed mt teeth and got into bed. Thank you for reading!

Sorry I couldn't do yesterday's and the day before's post. I might not get to do a post everyday, but most days I will. 

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